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Women's Perspective on Erectile Dysfunction

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Sexual relationship brings intimacy, understanding, joy and trust between the partners. If this relationship is weak, it not only damages the emotional bond between two partners but also affect the social life because of lowered self-esteem. There may many sexual problems but the most prevalent among men is erectile dysfunction, the inability of a man to achieve erection while sexual activity.

Though ED is believed to have many roots for its development but we are going to discuss the psychology of the disorder. There is no doubt that our society finds masculinity and potency as the primary asset of a man. Thus, impotence is like a potent shock to the impotency of a man. For whatever reason ED develops, there are numerous psychological impacts that have profound effect on one's life and lifestyle. The impotency of a man may be worsened because of the psychological impacts of ED.

The most common impact cause and effect of ED is performance anxiety. Most men at one or other time face these situations that whether they would be able to perform well, satisfy their partner or not. The dissatisfaction fear may give a boost to ED impacts. Many a times, consciousness about one's appearance and penis size may also lead to failed erection. This fear and consciousness reaches its peak when one already had few episodes of impotency or failures. It is suggested by psychologists that control over anxiety can prevent chances of ED to a significant extent. One can attain a possible erection and maintain it if not very much anxious and conscious.

There are many reasons apart from performance anxiety, like depression, stress, low confidence level, etc. Taking a pill can definitely relieve you from impotence, but it's really uncertain and difficult to treat self doubt, stress, and depression with a pill. But still, mere initial effects of a treatment can boost positivity in your lifestyle and thoughts. You get high chances to treat ED with your own will power once accompanied with some authentic treatment. You just need a spark of positivity to kick off ED and enjoy a wonderful sexual life.

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