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Quit Smoking

Will I gain weight if I quit smoking?
Though many smokers tend to gain weight but it is not necessary to happen with all. When you quit smoking, you need to or feel like carry on with your oral activity that leads you eat more. Another reason is alteration in taste buds. After quitting smoking, you may find the food tastier leading you eat more and gain weight. However, proper diet and good discipline may keep you away from extra weight. Still, medications are available that can help in case you gain weight.

Whenever I drink, I feel like smoking. What should I do? Do I need to quit alcohol as well?
It will be really great for you if you could resist yourself from taking alcohol for the first three months. It has been found that drinking reduces your chances of success of quitting smoking. Try gulping lot of water and juices when you are on a mission of quit smoking.

I have made so many attempts to quit smoking but failed every time. What do I lack? Is that willpower?
You are not the only one to be disappointed but just keep your motivation high. The reason may not be lack of willpower but your will to take help of other quit smoking aids. Chances are high that quit smoking aids. Support groups and a high willpower will definitely help you quit smoking in easily with minimum anxiety and withdrawal symptoms.

What are long term benefits of quitting smoking?

  • Longer life
  • Low risk to Cancer
  • Odorless breath
  • Reduced risk of heart diseases and lung diseases
  • Reduced stress
  • Enhanced immune system
  • Improved mental health
  • Savings of money

What should I do when quitting results in relapse?
Usually it takes 3-4 attempts before a smoker finally quit. It is difficult to bear the withdrawal symptoms as body gets habitual to work with nicotine. It is most common to have these chances of relapse in first few weeks, but once you are able to stay away from cigarette for three months, you are least likely to smoke again.

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