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Women's Perspective on Erectile Dysfunction

ED Assessment

There are a few procedures to assess your erectile function and therefore you need to   adopt a few steps in order to evaluate whether you have fallen prey to ED or not. However, to know whether you are a victim of erectile dysfunction, first of all, you have to find out whether you are confident enough regarding your capability to keep and maintain an erection essential for satisfactory sexual intercourse with your partner. In case, if  you are very confident of facilitating as well as maintaining an erection necessary for satisfactory sex, you are less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction or impotence.

Altogether, your erectile dysfunction assessment depends on a whole array of other ED related queries pertaining to the rigidity of your erection, your capability to maintain an erection after intercourse and also on whether you were able to have satisfactory sexual intercourse with your partner. The overall assessment of your erectile dysfunction depends on the answers obtained from all these ED related queries. However, if you have found these answers in the affirmative, i.e.

a) You are highly confident regarding your ability to trigger off an erection and maintain it for satisfactory sexual intercourse with your partner

b) You are capable of facilitating rock hard rigid erections while trying to have penetrative sex with your partner

b) After entering your partner, you were able to maintain your erection for a considerable amount of time

c) You have always enjoyed satisfactory sexual intercourse with your partner

d) While having sexual intercourse with your partner, you were always capable of maintaining your erection till the end of intercourse.

It would signify that you are not a victim of erectile dysfunction and if the aforementioned answers prove to be completely opposite, you are likely to have fallen prey to erectile dysfunction.

How To Evaluate The Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction?

When a patient is diagnosed as a victim of erectile dysfunction (ED), it becomes very essential to figure out his medical as well as social history in order to evaluate the cause for his erectile dysfunction. However, undertaking a special physical examination of the neurologic, urogenital and cardiovascular system of the patient is likely to clarify the physical factors responsible for the patient’s erectile dysfunction. A special discussion should be initiated with the patient’s sexual partner to check for any hidden psychological factor responsible for triggering off erectile dysfunction in him.

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