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Weight loss

I want to know about weight loss surgery?

Opting for weight-loss surgery should not be an all-of-a-sudden decision. You need to consider all facts, procedure to check whether it is right for you or not. Weight loss surgery affects digestive process of your body. It limits the amount of food your stomach can hold (restrictive procedure) or affects the absorption of nutrients (malabsorptive procedure). However, combined procedure can also be opted for weight loss. It restricts food intake as well as the amount of calories and nutrients the body absorbs.

How would I check whether I need to go for Weight Loss Surgery?

People who need weight loss surgery are at least 100 pounds overweight i.e. with BMI 40 or over. Weight loss surgery should be the last option when you have tried other traditional weight loss methods like dieting, exercise or hospital-based weight-loss programs. Weight loss surgery is advocated for people who have some medical problems like hypertension and diabetes. However, if you are having an inflammatory disease, severe heart or lung disease, esophageal, stomach or intestinal problems, cirrhosis or pregnant, then weight loss surgery is not meant for you

How can I lose all of the extra fat around my belly?

This is a frequent question asked by hundreds of people but reality is bit disappointing. It's NOT possible to do spot-reduction which means you just want to zap-off fat from a specific area though you can spot tone. In this, you can change the shape and firmness of an area you are not satisfied with, with resistance training. However, you still won't be able to magically melt fat away from a specific region, but your well shaped muscles would definitely look better than flabby ones.

How do I lose 10 pounds fast?

It's good to be realistic. If somebody promises you to lose 10 pounds fast, it's not possible. The healthy, safe and very much realistic weight is 2-3 pounds a week. Just eat healthy in a watch full manner and exercise regularly. If done in a right manner, you will get a good shape though this disciplined routine. However, it will not be a fortnight miracle. It will take time. But patience and strong will together with right discipline will turn you fit and slim. Make it a commitment to follow the routine for life.

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