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Women's Perspective on Erectile Dysfunction

Women Perspective Erectile Dysfunction

It's not just the man who suffers from stressful consequences of erectile dysfunction but also his partner who finds herself responsible for her partner's withdrawal from sex. The first thought that can come to her mind is whether she has lost her charm or he is not interested in her any more, or something wrong in her only that is troubling him as well as the relation.

Erectile dysfunction is the most common men's issue prevailing worldwide. Medically if defined, it is the inability of a man to achieve erection or sustained erection to enjoy a successful intercourse. There are many factors that can lie behind erectile dysfunction but it is not surprising if it happens for no reason at all. Almost every man experiences ED at some or other stage of his life. But, if the problem becomes unremitting, it brings many expected and unexpected hassles in life of both the partners.

Women are equally affected by the disease, not physically but mentally. Experts speak that lack of adequate sex education in women brings unnecessary stress between partners. She may suffer from anxiety problems and even may get hurt and angry at times. She may suspect if her partner is having an affair or disloyal to her. It is very common that a man suffering from ED may construe her feelings and doubts that take him in depression and make him withdraw.

This unpleasant situation finally results into NO COMMUNICATION and thus, worsening the relation. If withdrawing from situation is not a good idea, trying harder can be disastrous for him. Many women think that augmented eroticism may help them get over the problem; instead it may leave him and you in more melancholy when it doesn't happen.

Neither can you ignore the ongoing repulsive things nor will you sit idle. So, what should you do? Well, this is the time to be a best friend of your mate. Neither you should feel rejected nor make him feel helpless about it. But you should definitely open a healthy communication after some time. Make him feel that he is not incapable and give him warm hugs and emotional support. If you find certain health problems lying behind his ED, then ask him gently to consult a doctor. Offer your company to visit the doctor.

This is the time to experiment with your sexual life. Keep your relation intimate and keep playing and cuddling with each other. There are number of ways to enjoy being sexual. Keep exploring if one or other fails. Meanwhile, if you are going through treatments through medications, such as Viagra, Cialis or Levitra, you should help you mate feel mental closeness and intimacy. It will definitely spark a new charm in the relation and push to ED.

The problem can be easily resolved by partners only. Sometimes, it doesn't even require medical help. The only thing women should never think of is withdraw. A man with ED requires an emotional support as he is already attacked with a guilt and feeling of incapability. A strong support of partner can bring confidence and thus desire to help him before seeking a medical support.

So, moral of the story is; listen to your heart and your mate's heart. Even if you need to keep physical intimacy in abeyance for some time, keep your closeness high and emotions up. Don't assume yourself responsible in any case and never ever stop the communication. With a right approach, healthy thoughts, you will surely find the right ways to help your man and enjoy a great love life again.

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