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Women's Perspective on Erectile Dysfunction

Viagra and ED

Well, sex may not be everything but it does have an important place in one's life. Life can really become more terrible than hell if you face frequent failure in front of partner in getting erection or a lasting erection. Erection problems or erectile dysfunction happens because of reduced flow of blood into blood vessels of penis.

The problem of ED is not same for every man. Few aren't able to get an erection at all. Some others can have erection but hard enough to penetrate or have sex. And some are able to achieve a hard erection but not lasting and they lose it before or during sex. No matter what kind of ED you have, but it does affect your love life so, don't let erection problems affect your love and sexual life. Another important fact is that premature ejaculation is not essentially a sign of erectile dysfunction. However, low sex drive can be associated with erectile dysfunction to some extent, particularly if has a root cause of hormonal disorder, but most of the cases reports that patient seeks advice for reduced or lack of performance when libido is still maintained.

With increasing age, ED tends to attack men. Overall, approximately 1 man in 10 is suffering from ongoing erectile dysfunction. A more recent study of 1661 men in the Netherlands revealed significantly raising rates with up to 20 % of men between 50 and 54 years and 50 % of men between 70 and 74 years facing some or the other erection problems.

With this thought, you must be looking forward for something that can just sweep all your erection problems magically. Cheers! There is Viagra, the magical blue pill that can help you enjoy your sexual activity killing all your guilt.

Now question is how Viagra works in treating ED. Let me explain you the mechanism. Viagra promotes enhanced erections by soothing the smooth muscle of the blood vessels. This stimulates the increased blood flow into the penis when you are excited or sexually stimulated. Viagra works by slowing down the enzymes called phosphodiesterase. It stops them from working too quickly, thus helps maintaining an erection for a long time, thus, promotes a stiff and prolonged erection. It should be kept in mind that Viagra works only in response of prior excitement and it has no effect in the absence of sexual stimulation. Or we can say Viagra is not an aphrodisiac.

Effectiveness of Viagra

  • Viagra is shown to improve erections in 78 % of men with ED regardless of the type and cause.
  • Viagra has been found to give significant results in 70 % of patients with hypertension and 57 % of patients with diabetes.
  • After sexual stimulation, Viagra has been seen to enable more men to achieve an erection and to last this erection for longer than with placebo.
  • On looking at sexually stimulating images and sights, single doses of Viagra is found to generate dose-related rigidity at the base and the tip of the penis
  • Viagra has been found to effective to a great extent in helping ageing males in getting enhanced and prolonged erections.

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