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Women's Perspective on Erectile Dysfunction

Viagra Facts

Undoubtedly, unquestionably, and indisputably, Viagra has been proved as an incredibly successful medication for Erectile Dysfunction that has spread its hype worldwide. This fastest selling drug has achieved the names of miracle drug, wonder pills and many more. But, apart from all the success and hype it is having, we should know the facts behind the blue pill what it can do for men and what it can't.

Sex Desire
Viagra is not an aphrodisiac i.e. neither it is supposed to increase your libido nor will it work in the absence of sexual stimulation. Ageing can cause loss of libido to some extent but if you think that there is some other reason is lying behind ED then you must seek an appointment with your physician. He will tell you better whether to use a pill or not.

Recently two other drugs, levitra and cialis have been introduced that have shown similar results in treating ED. Levitra and Viagra works in the same manner, however, Cialis is found to work more quickly and long lasting.

Viagra has been reported to work really well with a success rate of about 80 %, while the figure goes around 60 % in men with diabetes complications. In the similar manner, success rate has been lowered in cases of very low or uncontrolled blood pressure.

In case you had erections problems in the past, you may want to test the effectiveness of Viagra by masturbating by yourself at the first trial.
You need to worry about the age limit for using Viagra. It is effective in all ages, however, in some cases, particularly with severe vascular disease, elderly people may not experience much improvement.
Viagra medication may prove ineffective if you have had penile implants for impotence treatment as it may have some muscle scarring leading to failure. However, research is going on to determine the effects of Viagra on men with these conditions.

When of no use
If you are a normal healthy man lying in age of 40-45, then you need not to take Viagra at all. There is no question of taking the drug when you are good at erection and having successful intercourse. If you are assuming that Viagra will make you perform even better or super good then you are wrong. It will not boost up your performance if you are already good enough; neither is it going to increase your sex drive.

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