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Viagra n Women

Not surprising news anymore if I say Viagra is a wonder medicine for men but it would be surely surprising if you are informed that Viagra can help women too. What does it do in men? A man takes Viagra before intercourse and after a certain time, Viagra shows its effect in which it improves the blood flow to the penis through chemical process, thus causing a great erection. Viagra do miracles for treating male impotence. But, women too have many problems that may lead them to impotence, and Viagra is believed to treat female impotence as well. Well, many physicians have tried Viagra in women and given way to positive results. Apart from this, a Boston University study Pfizer, Inc. clinical trials are underway to determine the effects of Viagra on female impotence.

Though studies and trials are underway but strong reasons exist that support Viagra to come up as equally helpful for raising women's libido as for men. How come? Here is the ground for this idea. As Viagra helps men by amplifying blood flow to the penis engorging with blood leading to erection, then why can't it work for women by making the vaginal blood vessels engorged with blood? Blood flow must be good into the vaginal area, especially around clitoris, for a woman to respond well sexually.

Poor orgasms, inability to reach orgasm, vaginal dryness, or other problems related to impotence can be credited to this poor blood flow. Like penis, Vagina too needs to be fully engorged with blood so that it could be properly lubricated to get prepared for intercourse. This Viagra belief is going to help women who have not been able to achieve climax. Though Viagra is considered as unsafe to women due to lack of definite studies results but it has found to help many women getting them complete satisfaction and better orgasm through enhanced sexual energy. Viagra works by improving the blood flow to the genitals to boost feminine libido. Undoubtedly, it has worked for some women but many obstacles still lie to think about.

Well, as we know, Viagra is in reach of everybody today. From brick n mortar medical stores to various online pharmacies, you can get hold of this wonder pill. However, it has been noticed that Viagra obtained from internet is mostly generic or fake. Whereas generic versions are least effective, fake Viagra are simply risks. So you must enquire properly before purchasing Viagra online. However, it is not advised to a woman to get real Viagra before consulting with her doctor. And probability is very high that doctor may simply deny prescribing as the pill is made specifically to treat erectile dysfunction in men.

Women who look for Viagra must be aware of side effects after taking the drug. From its harmful drug reactions to common headache, flushing, and wooziness, photophobia to rare heart attacks, women should see if the medicine really suits them. Women with poor sex drive should have long term goal to improve their libido, so instead of spending money on pills costing around $10 per pill, she should opt for other better choices that can enhance her libido permanently. Unlike Viagra, there are many herbal cures that can treat female impotence without any serious risks. They are not only affordable but also provide long-term results safely. But, in anyways, it can not be denied that Viagra is not effective in women. However, things would be better if studies and trials come up with positive results about effects of Viagra on women impotence.

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