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Herbal levitra

Levitra is an FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) approved oral medication for treating erectile dysfunction in men and herbal levitra collectively refers to any herb, herbal medicine or herbal supplement used to cure erectile dysfunction or male impotence. Some of the herbs known for treating erectile dysfunction in men are Horny goat weed, Yohimbe, Cordyceps, DHEA, Arginine and Ginkgo Biloba.

However, before using herbal levitra to obtain relief from erectile dysfunction, it would be considerably better to collect first hand information on the herb. Even though herbs used for treating erectile dysfunction in men are considered to be completely natural, it doesn’t signify that it is free from disastrous side-effects. Further, some of the herbs/herbal medicines/herbal supplements are known for yielding tremendous havoc to one’s health. For instance, it has been found that the herbs such as comfrey and kava have been associated with serious liver damage.

Other than the aforementioned details, an array of striking features as well as facts associated with herbal levitra is mentioned below in pointers:

  • Herbal levitra or herbal supplements for treating erectile dysfunction function like medicines and hence if they are not taken appropriately or taken in larger dosages, they are likely to cause serious side-effects. Therefore, before taking herbal levitra to cure impotence, you should initiate a serious consultation with a herbal practitioner.
  • On occasions, some of the herbs for treating erectile dysfunction, namely, Yohimbe, Ginkgo Biloba et al can be more beneficial than chemically synthesized medicines such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra as natural herbs and herbal products are known to be devoid of harmful side-effects. But few of the herbs and herbal products are found to be dangerous for health and hence herbs and herbal products should be taken only after consulting the physician thoroughly.

The Final Word On Herbal Levitra

Levitra is known as an effective FDA approved medicine for treating erectile dysfunction in men and the active ingredient of this anti-impotence drug is Vardenafil. But the active components of herbs and herbal supplements used for treating male erectile dysfunction are not known and it has been evaluated that scores of active ingredients may be present in a herbal supplement. However, some of the herbal supplements are found to contain contaminated metals, microorganisms and unlabelled prescription medicines. Hence, it becomes apparent that there is still room for doubt with regard to the safety as well as efficacy of some of the herbal supplements for treating erectile dysfunction.

Altogether, the safety and effectiveness of herbal levitra in treating erectile dysfunction has not been evaluated but the anti-impotence drug Levitra has been recognized by FDA as a considerably safe and efficient treatment for male erectile dysfunction. Therefore, instead of opting for herbal levitra, it is considerably safe to go for the erectile dysfunction drug levitra but if herbal levitra has been recommended to you by a Herbal practitioner, you should use it in accordance with his instructions.

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